Predictive Artificial Intelligence (AI) Digital Therapeutics Platform

BeCareLink provides validated, quantitative measurements of kinetics and cognition that improve the care of Multiple Sclerosis patients and patients with other similar neurological conditions.

BeCareLink is applying its Artificial Intelligence (AI) Digital Therapeutics platform to Multiple Sclerosis and Falls Risk.

The Artificial Intelligence Digital Therapeutics Platform becomes a companion to the current manual clinical process.

An industry renowned team has replicated and supplemented existing manual “Gold Standard” office based processes with mobile and home based administered solutions.

In the care of Multiple Sclerosis patients, the BeCareLink Artificial Intelligence (AI) Digital Therapeutics platform transforms the traditional Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) and Multiple Sclerosis Functional Composite (MSFC) scoring system into a high precision measurement of disease status  and treatment outcomes.

BeCare MS Link

Patients use the mobile App while participating in their daily activities. This real time data provides a more accurate picture of how patients are impacted by their disease, its symptoms, how the disease progresses and the impact of their treatment in real life situations.

Real Time Assessment Of Multiple Sclerosis

The patent-protected application comprises the following activities:

  • The Timed Up and Go (TUG) test
  • Fine Motor Function/Rapid Finger Movement test
  • Upper extremity coordination test
  • Auditory-Comprehension-Typing Test (ACT) test
  • Timed 25-step walk
  • Six Minute walk
  • Coded Message Cognitive Test
  • Contrast Sensitivity Test
  • Arm Swing Test
  • Color Determination Test
  • Animals in a box activity