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A few of the most interesting startups LAUNCH-ing at Health 2.0 – September 2018

A look at some of the most interesting startups from 2018’s Health 2.0’s LAUNCH! event.

Every year, Health 2.0 offers a chance for early stage digital health companies to rocket into public view through its LAUNCH! event, which spotlights 10 health care start-ups in front of hundreds of investors, executives and healthcare stakeholders.

Here a few of the most promising companies from this year’s event which are focused on problems — ranging from multiple sclerosis to home care workers.

BeCare Link

BeCareLink is a New York-based company that is attempting to improve the care of elderly patients at risk of falling as well as the 400,000 people suffering from multiple sclerosis in the United States, using a platform where patients can track themselves doing cognitive tests and send that info back to providers. CEO Alan Gilbert demonstrated some of the various assessments which include tracking a finger along a path, transcription tasks and mental confusion tests. Clinicians are able to see test results as well as data analytics which can help predict patients moving from mild to moderate to severe disease states. A clinical trial testing the company’s technology is expected to be released in the next few months.