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Diet and Multiple Sclerosis

Diet and Multiple Sclerosis

Time to Start a New Diet? It’s that time of year when there’s much talk and publicity about diet. Modifying – i.e., improving — one’s diet – ranks high on new year’s strategies. The popular Mediterranean diet, the closest to an anti-inflammatory diet, may receive the most attention. For those dealing with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), …

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Doctor consulting with patients and considering early intervention of MS diagnosis

Insights into Early Treatment of MS

 Why Earlier Detection of MS is Possible After much debate over the years about early treatment of multiple sclerosis, medical recommendations now strongly advocate for early intervention with drug therapy, known as Disease Modifying Therapy (DMT). Earlier detection of MS enables earlier intervention. Technological advancements have enabled earlier detection, and as a result, the diagnostic …

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Patient using BeCare MS Link and answering question her type of MS

A Guide to the Different Types of MS

MS Overview Multiple sclerosis takes on many forms and every MS diagnosis is different. There is no way with certainty to predict how an individual’s disease will progress. However, there are four types of MS that define its clinical course. These currently accepted sub-categories were defined in 2013. New research and increased understanding of MS …

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MS prevalence among our population (indicated by a crowd scene)

The Prevalence of MS

The prevalence of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) has increased worldwide. As of 2020, 2.8 million people are estimated to live with MS globally. This represents a 30 percent increase as compared to 2013. Let’s look at how these numbers break down. Prevalence in the U.S. MS prevalence in the United States also shows a parallel increase …

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