BeCare Link's gamified app delivers quantifiable clinical trial outcome measures

Screen shot of app used in clinical trials for MS

Neurological assessments are difficult: time consuming, time sensitive, subjective, and requiring advanced expertise.  Rapid growth in the number of people with neurologic disorders magnifies the shortage of neurologists.  As a result, access to advanced neurologic monitoring has become a real challenge for patients.  Pharmaceutical clinic trials are also subject to the same limitations.  That’s why we created the BeCare Link solution.  It offers a comprehensive platform for quantifying neurologic progression in chronic neurologic disorders. 

 BeCare Link is a ‘physician-first’ technology designed, developed, and driven by clinical experience.  Clinically validated, FDA reviewed, secure and HIPAA compliant, the BeCare Link solution provides pharma with fast, remote, objective and comprehensive patient assessments that deliver quantifiable clinical trial outcome measures.

Organization that runs a competition among start-ups with products to help clinical trials for MS and other neurological disorders
Awarded Judges Choice in Competition of apps designed for use by clinical trials for MS
Awarded audience choice by in competition among start-ups targeting clinical trials for MS

Introducing The BeCare Link Virtual Trial Solution

Diagram of the traditional process of validating drug therapies and how BeCare Link works for clinical trials for MS and other neurological disorders

Both, the traditional clinical trial path and the BeCare App virtual trial solution can help bring drugs to market and improve patient outcomes.  However, the BeCare solution is quicker, more efficient, less expensive, and provides outcome measures based on quantitative data.

 A May 2023 trial recruitment underscores how BeCare Link can be a valuable resource for pharmaceutical companies and CROS running clinical trials. In one week,  BeCare Link recruited 75 MS patients for a 12-week trial by leveraging BeCare MS Link’s user base.  

BeCare Link Current and Future Assessment Mobile Apps

Logo of leading MS app_BeCare MS Link
BeCare Neuro Link logo which will help neuro patients screen for possible neurologic disorders
A future app that will help clinical trials for ALS
A future app that will help clinical trials for alzheimers
A future app that will help clinical trials

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