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MS Assessment App

Take Charge of your Multiple Sclerosis with BeCare MS Link!

  • Track Your Progress & Improve Care
  • Share Real-Time Data with Your Doctor
  • Use From the Convenience of Your Home

The only Multiple Sclerosis app that empowers you to take a more active role in your care.

BeCare MS Link

Free – BeCare MS Link provides quantitative assessments of your neurologic function and cognition at no cost!

Convenient & Easy to Use – Track your progress through a series of game-like activities from the convenience of your home

Improve Communications & Your Care–BeCare MS Link generates comprehensive, timely reports to share with your healthcare provider to help monitor and improve your care

Play Game-Like Activities for Real-Time Assessments

Who we serve: Patients with Neurologic Symptoms

Perform game-like activities on your mobile phone to track your progress. See real-time assessments of:


Share BeCare MS Link's precise data with your doctor to guide your care!

How It Works

1. Intake

Answer background questions about your health and quality of life.

2. Baseline

Perform game – like activities to assess your motor skills, sensation, vision, cognition, speech, and walking.

3. Share with your Physician

Enter your healthcare provider’s contact info to share with your BeCare MS Link data.

4. Repeat

Perform activities and update how you feel monthly or when you detect changes. View your scores to track progress right on your phone.

5. Take Action

Alert your healthcare provider if there are clinical changes or if it’s time for an annual review.

Hear From Our Customers

“The usability and the experience are on another level!”

Eric C.

“This is one of the most useful apps that I have ever come across. I love that the app helps us watch certain aspects of our overall being. We need more of this.”

Isaac R.

“With the app, I discovered a weakness in my left arm, alerted my doctor of the change, and received treatment right away.”

Elizabeth H.

“Great experience! I understand how to use the activities, and the avatars are funny!”

Albert S.