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BeCare MS Link is the first and only app that empowers you to take a more active role in your Multiple Sclerosis care. Easy-to-use and free, the BeCare MS Link app provides quantifiable assessments of your neurologic function and cognition, whenever you wish. BeCare MS Link gives you — and your doctor — comprehensive, timely data to help monitor and improve your care.  

MS App home screen showing different activities that MS patient uses to monitor disease progress
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Organization that runs a competition among start-ups with products to help clinical trials for MS and other neurological disorders

How BeCare MS Link Works

Through a series of questionnaires and gamified activities, BeCare MS Link makes it easy for you to monitor your neurologic and cognitive progress from home. Unlike any available MS trackers, BeCare MS Link provides quantitative data for you to follow your progress and to share with your chosen healthcare provider.   

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Available for Android and iOS.

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“Keeping track of these activities on a monthly basis gives me peace of mind. It reminds me to listen to my body…and I feel in control.”

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