Revolutionary, fully reimbursable remote patient monitoring and assessment tool

BeCare MS Link is the first and only app of its kind, designed to provide healthcare providers with verified neurologic, cognitive, psychological and historical patient data to aid in the ongoing monitoring and measurement of Multiple Sclerosis disease progression. Easy to use with a printable physician assessment report and approved billable CPT codes;  BeCare Link increases your efficiency even as it detects even the slightest changes in your patient’s clinical status.

Interface on app for MS showing different activities, including Arm Elevation, Transcription, Code and Tap
Activities on app for MS that enable doctors to remotely monitor patients' progress
BeCare Link's app for MS that shows that games and activities that enables doctors to monitor patients' progress

Your patients will feel engaged and empowered in their own care.  Through a series of self-administered, easy-to-use questionnaires and gamified assessments, BeCare MS Link uses AI to transform the traditional EDSS scoring system into a high precision measurement of disease status and treatment outcomes. 

Watch a video demo of the BeCare MS Link app

BeCare Link technology delivers to the healthcare provider quantitative data with trending graphics via a proprietary physician portal to help you guide your MS patient’s management.  Further, if patients detect an oncoming flare, they will be able to utilize the platform to immediately alert their neurologist or healthcare provider to act on it, even if your appointment schedule is full. 

Watch a demo of the BeCare physician portal below

Becare Link app for MS screen shot of how a MS doctor accesses patient data

Visit the App Store or Google Play to download BeCare MS Link on your phone