For MS Patients

BeCare MS Link is the first and only app of its kind, designed to empower you to take a more active role in your MS care.  BeCare MS Link is an easy-to-use free mobile app that provides quantitative measures of neurologic function and cognition that provides your doctor with AI-enhanced remote data to monitor and improve your care.

How BeCare Link Works

Through a series of self-administered, easy-to-use questionnaires and gamified assessments, BeCare MS Link transforms the traditional doctor’s visit and EDSS testing system into a high precision measurement of MS status and treatment outcomes.  All of your BeCare Link secure data is streamed to your chosen healthcare provider(s).  Using a proprietary physician portal your doctor has continual access to your information and history to help  guide your MS management.  Imagine… in the future, if you detect an oncoming flare, you will be able to utilize the platform to immediately alert your neurologist or healthcare provider to analyze your data and take action, even if their appointment schedule is full!

Check out our video demo of BeCare MS Link below

Visit the App Store or Google Play to download BeCare MS Link on your phone