BeCare MS Link

Detecting subtle changes in neurologic and cognitive function is a key component in the monitoring and measuring of neurological disease progression as well as predicting outcomes.

BeCare Link is applying its technology to a number of neurological diseases including Multiple Sclerosis.

BeCare Link Technology transforms the traditional EDSS scoring system into a high precision measurement of disease status and treatment outcomes.  Further, the app goes way beyond generating an AI-derived EDSS score.  It measures neurologic and visual function and collects valuable surveillance data not captured by the traditional clinical EDSS score.

Real Time Assessment Of Multiple Sclerosis

The patent-protected application includes the following activities and assessments:

  • TUG –  Timed Up and Go 
  • TAP – fine motor/rapid movement 
  • Path- fine motor function 
  • Arm Elevation – upper extremity coordination 
  • Transcription – auditory-comprehension-typing (ACT) 
  • Timed 25-foot walk
  • Timed 6 minute walk
  • Code –  coded message cognitive assessment
  • Visual contrast sensitivity
  • STROOP information processing 
  • Memory – immediate recall 
  • Vibration

BeCare ALS Link – Coming Soon