Multiple Sclerosis

Detecting subtle changes in kinetic function is also a key component in the monitoring and measuring of certain neurological disease progression as well asĀ  predicting outcomes.

BeCareLink is applying its technology to a number of degenerative neurological diseases including Multiple Sclerosis.

Falls are a major contributor to injury and complications in neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis.

The odds of falling were doubled for each degree of increased Expanded Disability Status Score and more than doubled for each degree of increased spasticity.

BeCareLink Technology transforms the traditional EDSS scoring system into a high precision measurement of disease statusĀ  and treatment outcomes.

BeCare MS Link

Patients use the mobile App while participating in their daily activities. This real time data provides a more accurate picture of how patients are impacted by their disease, its symptoms, how the disease progresses and the impact of their treatment in real life situations.

Real Time Assessment Of Multiple Sclerosis

The patent-protected application comprises the following activities:

  • The Timed Up and Go (TUG) test
  • Fine Motor Function/Rapid Finger Movement test
  • Upper extremity coordination test
  • Auditory-Comprehension-Typing Test (ACT) test
  • Timed 25-step walk
  • Six Minute walk
  • Coded Message Cognitive Test
  • Contrast Sensitivity Test
  • Arm Swing Test
  • Color Determination Test
  • Animals in a box activity