Ever had to travel far or wait months to see a neurologist?

With validated quantitative data generated by AI,
we can provide you with insights into your neurological health, accessible at your fingertips from anywhere

Ever had to travel far or wait months to see a neurologist?

We use AI-generated data to give you easy access to insights about your neurological health, wherever you are.

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Limited access to neurologists impacts healthcare

Our surveys were eye-opening

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Expected shortage of neurologists by 2025
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Have not seen a neurologist
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Traveling 1 hour to see a neurologist.

To deliver neurologic care to those who need it

Objective neurologic measures

Our activities assess the same neurologic function that your doctor does in clinic

Early detection of disease progression

Optimize your treatment by acting earlier which will reduce your disability down the road. All from home!

Collaborate with your Doctor

Be a partner in driving your healthcare without needing to drive anywhere.

We imagine a better way

To improve detection and monitoring of neurological dysfunction

Timed up and go

Perform a series of motions in a short space.

Resting tremor

Determine if you have
a resting tremor.

Eye movements

Check if your eyes move correctly.


Test your immediate recall

Who our brain health technology serves

People with Neurologic Symptoms

Take an active role in your care by measuring your neurologic and cognitive function from home.

Healthcare Providers

Save time. Increase reimbursements. Enhance insights into patients’ neurologic status in your office or remotely.

Pharma/Clinical Trials

Strengthen decentralized clinical trials with fast, quantitative neurologic outcome measures.

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BeCare Link delivers quantifiable neurological assessments to help you manage your health.

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