At-home neurologic assessments to help you monitor your clinical progress

An indispensable digital tool that delivers precise, quantitative data that measures neurologic and cognitive function from home



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Improves Care for People with Neurologic Complaints

BeCare Link’s easy-to-use apps enable you to take an active role in your own healthcare. On your mobile phone, play game-like activities specifically designed to measure the status of your disease. Whether it’s for Multiple Sclerosis or general neurologic issues, you can follow your progress from home. Share the results with your healthcare provider to expedite treatment and streamline office and telehealth visits.

Who We Serve

BeCare Link’s apps provide real-time assessments of neurologic function, benefiting patients, healthcare providers, and pharmaceutical companies.

Who we serve: Patients with Neurologic Symptoms

People with Neurologic Symptoms

Take an active role in your care by measuring your neurologic and cognitive function from home.

Monitor Your Neuro Function from Home
Who we serve: Healthcare providers seeking improved care for patients

Healthcare Providers

Save time. Increase reimbursements. Enhance insights into patients’ neurologic status in your office or remotely.

Explore How to Improve Patient Care
Who we serve: Pharm and clinical trials who want to improve clinical trials

Pharma/Clinical Trials

Strengthen decentralized clinical trials with fast, quantitative neurologic outcome measures.

Explore How to Improve Clinical Trials

The Only Digital Platform That Produces Validated Quantitative Data

Unlike other apps which rely on subjective information submitted by patients, BeCare Link generates quantitative measures of neurologic progress.  Artificial intelligence and machine learning can be applied to increase data precision. Built-in statistics from the population at large enable a clear comparison of your results.

Sample Patient Report for BeCare MS Link

Recognized Innovator With Proven Partners

Top clinical neurologists and leading neurologic centers across the U.S. have partnered with BeCare Link to change the future of neurologic diagnosis and treatment.

MS research partner Weill Cornell Medicine
MS research partner Mount Sinai Hospital
MS research partner The Galien Foundation
MS research partner BayBridgeDigital
MS research partner Neurogen Research Foundation
MS research partner Yale University School of Medicine

BeCare Link is the recipient of numerous innovation awards and honors. Our apps are FDA-approved, HIPAA compliant, safe, and secure with encrypted data transmission.

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