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Introducing BeCare Link: An Innovative Way of Monitoring MS

Hear from BeCare Link’s Chief Medical Officer Charisse Litchman about how the state-of-the-art app BeCare MS Link empowers Multiple Sclerosis patients to take a more active role in their care. In her own words, Dr. Litchman goes into detail about multiple sclerosis and how BeCare MS offers a one-of-kind solution for monitoring MS  that improves healthcare outcomes.

Dr. Litchman builds on decades of experience in treating patients to provide an overview of how the treatment of MS has evolved, and improved over her career. For patients and caregivers, About MS offers a primer on dealing with multiple sclerosis. Patients’ access to their physicians is a primary mover for healthcare improvement in the 2020s.

Each video offers insights on different aspects of the BeCare MS Link app.  You’ll find information on how the app works, how to get started, how it is different, how to use it, what doctors are saying about it, and more.  Dr. Litchman’s personal story offers compelling insight into how BeCare Link’ Chief Medical Officer was inspired to bring this one-of-a-kind solution to MS patients seeking to take on a proactive role in their own care.

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About MS
Take Charge of your MS with BeCare MS Link Remote Monitoring Solution
The BeCare Link Solution
Screen shot of app with purple background
How the App Works
A doctor working with her patient and helping her with an app
The App and Your Doctor
Patients ask how much the BeCare Link app costs -- nothing!
How Much Does It Cost?
Video that outlines the difference of BeCare MS Link from other apps
The BeCare Link Difference
Patient using BeCare Link app
How Often Should I Use the App
Screen shot that shows you how to get started
How to Get Started
Dr. Litchman explains how managing chronic disease was a motivation to develop BeCare Link
Dr. Charisse Litchman’s Story
Image that conveys the benefits of BeCare Link
BeCare Link Benefits
Physician talking to a patient
What Doctors Are Saying?
BeCare Link continues to offer healthcare solutions with new apps
What’s Next?