We've innovated
the way of detecting and monitoring neurological diseases

Built by doctors and scientists, our platforms, enhanced by AI, simplify and quantify neurological assessments. 

People are empowered to direct their own healthcare from home through these remote assessments.

Why we’re here

BeCareLink addresses the increasing shortage of neurologists who will treat the growing number of neurological patients by providing the required reliable assessments.

We facilitate the conduct of pharmaceutical trials. Our quick, remote, and rigorous assessments, validated clinically and with FDA clearance, reduce costs and interrater variability.

BeCareLink helps professionals track neurologic progress, ensuring precise patient outcome monitoring in clinical practice and research.

Our story

BeCareLink’s genesis is a poignant tale of loss and motivation. Dr. Rubin’s wife and Dr. Litchman’s sister, Dr. Beth Deutch, lost her life at a young age to a disease that was diagnosed late and progressed undetected. This heartbreaking experience inspired us to develop a mobile app empowering patients, particularly those lacking access to specialists, to take charge of their neurological health from the comfort of their homes. With BeCareLink, we aim to reduce the waiting time, offer newfound hope, and prevent such tragedies from befalling others. 

Dr. Lawrence Rubin is a serial entrepreneur in healthcare and telecommunications, and he is also a co-inventor of an innovative technique in neural networks for object orientation detection. Leveraging his extensive experience in Artificial Intelligence and Technology, he partnered with Key Opinion Leaders to develop our mobile app that includes activities designed to measure neurological function.

Charisse D Litchman, MD, FAHS, with over 25 years of experience as a practicing neurologist and a background as a former faculty member at Yale School of Medicine, has also worked extensively with Contract Research Organizations, overseeing neurologic pharmaceutical trials. Additionally, she pioneered a headache telehealth service. Leveraging her expertise in neurologic diseases, she co-founded BeCareLink. Her contributions include refining the accuracy of the neurologic examination in our platform’s activities, conducting clinical trials to validate the apps, and educating both patients and healthcare professionals.

Caroline Stowe, DNP, MSN, APRN FNP-BC, AQH has joined the team as Quality Support Manager. She received her BS in Biology from the College of Charleston, her BSN, MSN from Johns Hopkins University and her DNP from George Mason University. She is also AQH certified in Headache Medicine from the National Headache Foundation.

Our Team is an inspired and multi-talented group motivated to improve healthcare for all neurologic patients.

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Our leaders are guiding our mission to revolutionize chronic neurological care through remote monitoring, empowering patients and enhancing treatments.

Medical advisors

Key Opinion Leaders work with BeCareLink to develop the most helpful activities that mimic in-clinic evaluations.

Studies and publications

We conducted validation studies comparing in-clinic assessments with BeCareLink's remote activities and AI interpretation. Our studies prove BecareLink is a valuable tool.
We've reached remarkable milestones