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The BeCare Neuro Link report offers valuable insights for everyone

Wondering if you have inherited a neurological disorder? The app helps you compare your neurological function with the general population

Noticed recent neuro issues? Like balance problems, numbness, forgetfulness, or ongoing headaches? Use the app for a quantitative neuro assessment.

Navigating a neurological challenge? The app tracks changes between visits. Share progress at your next appointment.

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What insights does the report offer for those with MS?

The results we offer will help you understand if your MS symptoms have improved, remained stable, or worsened compared to your prior BeCare MS Link results.

The interpretation will indicate whether your test performance suggests mild, moderate, or severe disease.

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4.7 rating on iOS App Store

4.7 rating on iOS App Store


Is easy to use and set up, with simple directions. You can share your data with your physician for feedback and keep up with the latest news in the MS community.

@by _mony_123

Loved everything! Highly recommend this app. The experience is great, so many features that helps you track your symptoms and stay informed. Congrats!


The user interface is unlike any before it. The games are easy to understand, vibrant, and nothing short of spectacular. Bravo! Excelsior!!! Wahooie!....

@Borgs Beto

Excellent customer service and is useful for keeping track of my health activities. If I could offer more than 5 stars, I definitely would. Thanks


Great app with very useful services!