Wonder If You Could Be Experiencing Neurologic Issues?

Assess your neurologic status with objective measures from home now.

How BeCare Neuro Link Can Help

Neuro exam at home

Knowledge is Power.

Dispel the fear that something is wrong
or give yourself the chance of an early diagnosis and begin treating your symptoms.

Take an Active Role in Your Healthcare.

Monitor your condition from home by quantitatively measuring changes in your neurologic function. Next, share the results with your doctor at your next appointment.

Who is Becare Neuro Link For?

Those Fearful of Inheriting a Neurologic Disorder

Do you wonder if you have inherited a neurologic disorder from one of your parents? With BeCare Neuro Link, you can assess how your neurologic function compares to the general population.

Assess Your Neurologic Status

Those Concerned about their Neurologic Function

Have you noticed something isn’t quite right neurologically? Perhaps losing balance, experiencing numbness, misplacing keys, or suffering from recurring headaches have stirred up anxiety. BeCare Neuro Link generates a quantitative neurologic evaluation.

Assess Your Neurologic Status

People with Known Neurologic Disorders

Are you dealing with a neurologic setback? BeCare Neuro Link helps monitor your condition to detect subtle changes between office visits. Share a comprehensive progress report at your next office or telehealth appointment.

Monitor Your Neurologic Progress

Take Action to Move Your Life Forward

If you are dealing with nagging concerns or neurologic setbacks, BeCare Neuro Link can be your trusted resource to move your life forward.

Gain assurance that you are on top of your neurologic health.

BeCare Neuro Link’s self-administered activities generate a quantitative neurologic evaluation that tells you how your performance compares to the general population.

Feel confident and in control of your healthcare.

BeCare Neuro Link empowers you to detect and quantify subtle changes in your neurologic status over time from the comfort of your home.

Looking at results of screening for a neurologic disorder on BeCare Neuro Link

BeCare Neuro Link Features

BeCare Neuro Link produces reports that evaluate your neurologic function
  • A series of self-administered activities assess general neurologic function. See how your quantitative results compare with the general population.
  • Remote and private. Perform BeCare Neuro Link’s activities in the comfort of your home.
  • Gain access to an interpretation of your results through BeCare Neuro Link Patient Evaluation. Share with your healthcare provider.
  • Developed by and for doctors, BeCare Neuro Link mimics in-office neurologic exams.
  • HIPAA-compliant, secured, encrypted data transmission.