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Read all instructions and warnings carefully before use.


The BeCare MS Link mobile application allows the user to perform a series of directed activities to assess ambulatory, motor, cerebellar, cognitive, visual and sensory functional systems as well as assessments of depression and most bothersome symptoms. The activities are designed to assess on a mobile app the same neurologic functions tested during an in-person neurologic exam. The mobile application provides a platform for users to perform these activities in the comfort of their own home as often as desired. Users can review the results of these activities themselves or can share the results with their treating clinicians.

Intended use

The BeCare MS App is a mobile application that can quantitatively assess cognitive, motor, and sensory function through a series of self-administered mobile app activities.


When performing any exercises involving walking, be aware of your surroundings to avoid falling or bumping into any nearby objects.

Instructions for use

The BeCare MS Link mobile application includes a suite of activities that the user can perform, and each activity includes a guided tutorial available from the activity screen. The activities include:

This activity measures how long it takes you to walk 25 feet.

WARNING: Be sure to look at your surroundings, not at your phone, when walking!

You hold your device flat against your palm (not vertically). You start with your phone in the right hand and with your arm down. You then raise your arm with the cell phone up and down until you hear the end-of-game sound. You will then put the phone in the palm of your left hand and repeat the activity.

This activity starts with instruction to collect various coins that appear at different places on the screen by tapping on the coin’s location as quickly as possible. Each time you tap the screen, the app records the time of the tap and the location of the tap vs the location of the coin.

You are instructed to move an object on the screen along a curvy path as quickly and as closely as possible using your index finger. The app measures deviations outside the path as well as circumstances in which these deviations occur. You are asked to repeat the test 3 times on each side, starting with the right index finger, and results are presented as the time it takes you to move the object from point to point along the path.

The Timed Up and Go (TUG) activity starts with instruction and a set of icons corresponding to the 6 stages of transitions: sitting, standing, walking, turn back, walk back, and sit back. You hold the mobile device in your hand so the screen is visible. When you press “Start”, a timer starts that continues until the activity ends. The phone detects your transition between each separate stage of the test. As each stage is detected, its time is recorded by the app, and the icon corresponding to the stage changes from the background color to green.

WARNING: Be sure to look at your surroundings, not at your phone, when walking!

You are asked to decode a message using decoding key. A series of symbols are paired with letters or words to be used as the key. The coded message is provided in symbols. You start the test by pressing a “Begin” button, and the test stops when you complete the decoded message.

For this activity, you are asked to compare two patterns or textures displayed on the screen with varying contrast sensitivity. The number of correct assignments are recorded and reported as a fraction of the total number tested along with the time taken to decide equivalence (or not) for each pattern.

For this activity, you are presented two animals and asked to memorize them. After several seconds, one of the animals will disappear, and you will be shown a number of different animals and asked to choose the image that just disappeared. If you cannot remember correctly, the game will reset.

This activity will record the number of steps you take during a 6- minute timed walk. Distance is estimated using calculated stridelength. The app records the total number of steps detected, the timing of each step and the stride length after each step.

WARNING: Be sure to look at your surroundings, not at your phone, when walking!

You will see a series of 10 words written in colored letters. Tap on the ribbon that matches the color you see on the word. Do not tap the color you read. Please use the index finger of your dominant hand to complete this task.

This activity uses the device oscillator to produce different patterns distinguishable to you. The app records whether you detect the change. You will hold the phone in one hand to sense the vibration and use your index finger other on the other hand to press the button ”Vibration Change” when you detect a change.

You will meet a virtual assistant named Tina who will ask you to repeat different words and sounds and to describe different pictures that you see. The results of this activity will produce measures of how fast you speak and the clarity of your speech. There are two options: an expanded version and a brief version. Please perform the expanded version the first time you perform the activity, at least once a year, and whenever you detect a change in your speech. The brief version may be used at all other times.

In this activity, you will see and hear a short phrase, and then you must type that phrase using a special keyboard that changes every time a new phrase is heard. The app records the time to complete typing the phrase as well as the time interval and time variance between keystrokes. Please use the index finger of your dominant hand to complete this activity.

About me

In addition to the activities described above, the BeCare MS Link mobile application includes an “About Me” section where you can keep track of how you are feeling and complete helpful questionnaires (such as Health History, Quality of Life, Happiness, and Patient Health Questionnaire-9).

Customizing my app

You can customize your BeCare MS Link mobile application through the “More” page, where you have options to choose your own avatar, choose how fast you want to hear the voice over, and choose between the dark and light options

Sharing my results

You can share your results with your clinician using the “Healthcare Provider” option located on the “More” page. You will first need to register your Healthcare Provider, then request to share your data with them. From here, you can also see the status of your requests.


BeCare MS Link is intended for educational and informational purposes only. BeCare MS Link does not and cannot diagnose your health condition, provide a medical opinion, and cannot diagnose your health condition, provide a medical opinion, and/or substitute for professional medical advice.It is the user’s responsibility to consult with a doctor or the other appropriately licensed professional if you have any questions or concerns about potential medical conditions as a result of the information you receive from using this product.

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