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BeCare MS Link Champion and Testimonial

Meet and listen to Sandy’s experience with BeCare MS Link!

“I’m Sandy, and I was diagnosed with MS in 2014 after I could barely walk on my wedding day.
I’ve had to find the tools that work for my everyday life to ensure I’m taking care of myself.
There’s a healthy diet and exercise and, keeping up with meds, and I’ve also discovered BeCare
MS Link, a mobile app that helps me track my MS symptoms. 
I complete these quick gamified activities that assess my motor skills, vision, sensation, speech,
etc. and the app literally mimics the in-clinic exam and generates a precise, quantifiable MS
Here’s the thing, my doctor visits are few and far between. I often can’t recall what to tell her
when I see her. Was it my left or right leg that was numb and tingling and on which day?

Keeping track of these activities on a monthly basis gives me peace of mind. It reminds me to
listen to my body…and I feel in control.”

We want to hear from you! How has using the BeCare MS Link mobile app helped you manage
your symptoms and manage your disease?

Sandy’s Testimonial

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