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Becare MS Link helps mom and professional Sandy manage her MS

Meet Sandy, a mom, an entrepreneur, and an MS warrior 

 Sandy was diagnosed with MS in 2014 after she experienced crippling symptoms on her wedding day. She is a busy working mom who juggles two young kids and…the dog days of summer in Texas, where the heat can reach 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Sandy has to be very deliberate about her schedule and manage her disease closely. 


“With the daily responsibilities of life, managing my disease can often slip to the bottom of my to-do list and I can’t afford to let that happen.” 


Watch her story here:

“I’m Sandy and I was diagnosed with MS in 2014 after I could barely walk on my wedding day. 

 I’ve had to find the tools that work for my everyday life to ensure I’m taking care of myself. There’s a healthy diet and exercise and, keeping up with meds and I’ve also discovered BeCare MS Link, a mobile app that helps me to track my MS symptoms. 

 I complete these quick gamified activities that assess my motor skills, vision, sensation, speech, etc. and the app literally mimics the in-clinic exam and generates a precise, quantifiable MS status. 

 Here’s the thing, my doctor visits are few and far between. I often can’t recall what to tell the her when I see her. Was it my left or right leg that was numb and tingling and on which day? 

 Keeping track of these activities on a monthly basis gives me peace of mind. It reminds me to listen to my body…and I feel in control.”

We want to hear from you! How has using the BeCare MS Link mobile app helped you manage your symptoms and manage your disease? Submit your video to [email protected] to share your story.



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