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BeCareLink Launch Press Announcement – October 23, 2023

BeCareLink, an AI-driven platform for quantitative assessment of neurologic function, today announces the launch of its second subspecialty product, BeCare Neuro Link – a mobile application that provides the most comprehensive, remote, and objective neurologic assessment available for any neurologic or potential neurologic patients.

About BeCareLink

BeCareLink was founded in 2017 by CEO Larry Rubin and his sister-in-law, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Charisse Litchman, who lost their wife and sister, Dr. Beth Deutch, unexpectedly in December 2014 following the progression of an undiagnosed disease. Dr. Litchman has been a neurologist and former Yale faculty. Dr. Rubin is an expert in neural networks and AI. The company’s vision is to fundamentally change how patients and medical professionals understand and manage chronic neurologic disorders, remove biases, and find new treatments with better outcomes. Patients can download BeCareLink on their mobile devices via Google Play and the App Store. Learn more at


Check out our press release here:

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