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BeCareLink voted best app for tracking MS progress – June 2018

If you are living with multiple sclerosis, you are no doubt familiar with the Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) and Functional Systems Score (FFS), which are used to track changes and progress of disability over time.

The EDSS rating (from 0-10, in 0.5 increments) is issues by a neurologist based on tests relating to eight functional systems: pyramidal (weakness or difficulty moving limbs), cerebellar (ataxia, loss of coordination or tremor), brainstem (problems with speech, swallowing, and nystagmus), sensory (numbness or loss of sensation), bowel and bladder function, visual function, cerebral function, and ‘other’.

What does this have to do with an app? Well, BeCareLink – a company that utilizes data solutions and artificial intelligence to help manage disease treatment – believes its app can help provide a greater level of detail to clinicians treating people with MS.