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Image which shows remote patient monitoring solution that BeCare Link offers

BeCare Link’s Innovative App for Multiple Sclerosis Patients – May 2018

BeCare Link has created a mobile application (“BeCare MS Link” in the Google Play app store) that connects patients to physicians and researchers to provide unprecedented levels of insight into multiple sclerosis (MS) and other neurodegenerative diseases. As paraphrased from a MS patient: “Much of MS is what is happening in your head, and you need the objective evidence that maybe things are not going as badly as you think.”

Treating MS Today

A typical physician’s visit can only provide a snapshot in time of a patient’s overall well-being and functional status, with a patient’s self-recorded logs often being inconsistent or terribly subjective. This innovative app provides more than the current gold standard MS scales (EDSS – Expanded Disability Status Scale) & MSFC (Multiple Sclerosis Functional Composite) used for assessing patient progress by collecting additional longitudinal metrics.

How BeCare Link Works as a Remote Patient Monitoring Solution

BeCare Link’s app is a remote tracking system for the progress of MS patients that helps clinicians look at data collected over time such that they can gain clearer insight into the patient’s health, versus an assessment collected during a single or handful of patient appointments that do not provide a nuanced picture of patient progress.

Background of BeCare Link

Medgadget interviewed Larry Rubin, BeCare Link founders.  Click on the button below to learn more about what led to the founding of BeCare Link.  Larry Rubin describes his background as an entrepreneur and his origins in computer science, medical technology, and finance — starting in artificial intelligence.