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Introducing BeCare Neuro Link, A General Neuro Exam enhanced by AI at home

After helping thousands of patients monitor their clinical progress with their MS through BeCare MS Link, we’re excited to announce a new innovative mobile app for general neurological care: BeCare Neuro Link! We created BeCare Neuro Link to assist anyone that wishes to screen their neurologic status and detect a problem early or monitor their progress with a known neurologic diagnosis.

Why BeCare Neuro Link
There is a significant shortage in neurologic assessments. 75% of neurologic patients are not seen by neurologists because of a lack of accessibility.  Even when patients are seen by qualified neurologists, assessments are subjective and vary between different providers. Neurologic exams are difficult, requiring proper experience and a significant amount of time to administer.  Becare Neuro Link collects objective and timely measurement whenever and wherever you choose, using AI to enhance the interpretation.  With a subscription, you receive a written assessment telling you how you compare with the general population and tracking your neurologic status over time. You can share this report with your doctor to aid in getting a diagnosis and the treatment you may need.

Who should try BeCare Neuro Link
Those Fearful of Inheriting a Neurologic Disorder
Do you wonder if you have inherited a neurologic disorder from one of your parents? With BeCare Neuro Link, you can assess how your neurologic function compares to the general population.

Those Concerned about their Neurologic Function
Have you noticed something isn’t quite right neurologically? Perhaps losing balance, experiencing numbness, misplacing keys, or suffering from recurring headaches have stirred up anxiety. BeCare Neuro Link generates a quantitative neurologic evaluation.

People with Known Neurologic Disorders
Are you dealing with a neurologic setback? BeCare Neuro Link helps monitor your condition to detect subtle changes between office visits. Share a comprehensive progress report at your next office or telehealth appointment.

Join our Beta test group
We want to make sure our new app gives you and your loved ones the best support in monitoring and improving your health, so we’re asking for your feedback! The first 20 patients who sign up and offer feedback will get a free subscription for a year. Advocate for yourself and become a partner in diagnosing and monitoring your neurologic health. Download via the App Store or Google Play Store today! 

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