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Is Ozempic OK for MS Patients?

More than just ok for MS patients, Ozempic may actually be beneficial to those who would have developed it. Recent studies have shown the potential neuroprotective effects of diabetes and weight loss drugs (called semaglutides) in different neurologic conditions, such as Parkinson’s Disease ( A study presented at a MS conference (Actrims) in 2024 showed that the semaglutide we hear about the most (Ozempic) may also reduce the risk of developing or help prevent MS.

Further, for patients who already have MS, the database reflected fewer MS-related side effects in patients taking drugs to treat diabetes. This benefit was found not only with the senaglutides, but also from other diabetes meds such as Glucaphage, Trulucity,and Jardiance.

HOLD ON. Before you rush out to ask your doctor to prescribe one of these meds for you, you need to be aware that at least one study showed the opposite results. A study at the University of Arizona showed an increased risk of developing MS in patients over 45 treated with diabetic meds.

Confusing-yes. But be assured more studies are ongoing to unravel the truth behind this promising potential treatment.

In the meantime, the BeCare MS app can help monitor your neurologic function and your response to your current treatment. You and your clinician can rely on our quantitative assessments to help you navigate your MS journey.

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