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Just Published: BeCare MS Link May Also Be A Digital Therapeutic

A recent study completed by the BeCareLink team shows promising data in not only screening and monitoring disease but also in use as a digital therapeutic. The results of the study show that of subjects with very mild disease (EDSS of 0.5-1.5), 33% had unchanged EDSS scores, 38% showed improvement and 29% worsened when remeasured 3 months from the initial date. Of patients with more significant disease (EDSS of > 2.0), 70% remained clinically unchanged or improved and 30% worsened. Infrequent users showed less significant change in function (25% improved, 36% stayed the same, and 39% worsened). The study concluded that frequent use of BeCareLink’s activities may have a therapeutic benefit for patients with demonstrable disability.

Check out the newest research here:

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