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Dr. Litchman discusses the future of neurology on the podcast

The Future of Neurology: A Podcast with BeCare Link’s Dr. Litchman

The Future of Neurology: A Podcast with BeCare Link’s Dr. Litchman

Emmanuel “Manny” Fombu recently interviewed Chief Medical Officer Charisse Litchman on Bite the Orange‘s podcast. The podcast is focused on the future of healthcare, covering digital innovations and technological advancements. The podcast’s vision is to explore the innovations that will ultimately create a progressive, outcome-based digital health reality.

Unsurprisingly, Dr. Fombu wanted to interview Dr. Litchman as part of the podcast’s cutting-edge series. As he described, BeCare Link puts the future of neurology in patients’ pockets.

Bite the Orange’s Description of the Podcast

 Here is how Bite the Orange describes this episode of its podcast.

In this episode of Bite the Orange, Dr. Charisse Litchman, Chief Medical Officer at BeCare Link, talks about developing neurology apps that offer remote exams and calculate disability scores using artificial intelligence, increasing accessibility and empowering patients with their neurological health. Clinical trials, providers, and patients can now register and monitor signs of possible neurological problems from very early stages, preventing significant side effects and increasing safety. Currently, BeCare Link has an existing MS app and is working on two more: one focused on Alzheimer’s disease and the other that runs a general neuro exam. Charisse explains how this app can help patients worldwide by enabling them with remote options and shares how its adoption has been widely successful so far, thanks to word-of-mouth spread. 

Tune in and learn how BeCare Link approaches to access to neurology with gamified, complex apps!

How BeCare Link is Changing the Future of Neurology

In the podcast, Dr. Litchman describes in her own words why BeCare Link is changing the face of neurology. Here are some points that she covers:

  • The challenges of conducting in-office neurologic exams for neurologists. Did you know that the subjective components of the exam mean that two qualified clinicians are likely to derive varying disability scores?
  • Why early detection of any neurologic disease is important in preventing future disability and managing the disease, whether it is multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, or another neurologic disease.
  • How BeCare Link measures traditional neurologic functions and uses artificial intelligence to calculate disability scores?
  • The sensitivity of BeCare Link apps in detecting subtle neurologic changes.
  • The role that BeCare Link can play in empowering patients to take an active role in their healthcare.

More About Bite the Orange Podcast

Here’s how Bite the Orange describes its podcast’s purpose:

Taking a bite out of an unpeeled orange is far from pleasant! The first bite might be too bitter to bear, and most people will find themselves giving up or throwing the fruit away. If you keep biting into the orange, however, you will find yourself ultimately relishing in its pulpy sweetness, and the first few bites will have seemed worth it.

The analogy of introducing innovations and digitization in the field of healthcare is similar to biting into the unpeeled orange – the first few steps can appear unyielding, ineffective, and even risky and opaque! Making healthcare equitable using technology is something visionary but barely offers promise in the initial days.

Let’s face it; Digital Health as an industry is poised for significant growth. Addressing the key challenges early on is key to ensuring that the long and tedious journey of transforming from conventional to futuristic bears worthy rewards.

Join Dr. Manny Fombu as he embarks on a voyage to find the future of healthcare. Together we can make progressive, outcome-based Digital Health a reality.

How to Tune in

Tune in and learn how BeCare Link approaches to access to neurology with gamified, complex apps!

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