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BeCare Link announces new MS health monitoring app at Pepcom Media event with Dr. Litchman and Dr. Rubin posed in front of BeCare Link booth

National Launch of BeCare MS Link Health Monitoring Platform

BeCare Link nationally launched its first health monitoring product BeCare MS Link at the Pepcom Wellness Now! media showcase in New York City on May 11, 2023.  BeCare Link is an AI-driven platform for quantitatively assessing neurologic function on a mobile phone. BeCare MS Link, the first of BeCare Link’s one-of-a-kind apps, is available in Google Play and the App Store. The app provides the most comprehensive, remote, and objective neurologic assessment for MS patients.

The introduction of BeCare MS Link comes at a time when a widening shortage of neurologists challenges the field of neurology. BeCare Link was specifically created to address the dire nationwide need for neurologists and the complexity of performing and interpreting neurologic exams. BeCare Link offers neurologic patients a digital platform to enable them to conduct assessments based on objective measures. In addition, by enabling remote monitoring, BeCare MS Link empowers MS patients to take a more active role in their healthcare, ultimately improving health outcomes.

The results from MS patients who have used BeCare MS Link to monitor their chronic disease are impressive. Early results showed that out of more than 4,000 early adopters, 58 percent used the app at least twice a year in 2022. Many users use the app monthly or in preparation for a doctor’s appointment. In addition, in a patient satisfaction survey, 99 percent found the app user-friendly and easy to follow.

Other BeCare Link apps that will address other neurologic disorders are in development. Next up is BeCare Neuro Link — a general neurologic app that compares one’s neurologic function to the general population. BeCare Neuro Link will be available this summer. In addition, plans include apps for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS.

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